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Mediklin - Pioneering Healthcare Solutions

Since 1994, we have had the foresight to see a future, where healthcare delivers on quality care and financial value.

Medilkin was formed with the purpose of researching and developing high-grade healthcare on learning about the spread of nosocomial infections, microorganisms, and viruses during hospitalization. We at Mediklin strived to master the field of healthcare and healthcare products and began educating the masses across India about disposable surgical products.


You Specify We Create

Customization is our core effort to satisfy the needs of our customers

Our Mission

To elevate the quality of medical products with cost effective options to healthcare providers and end-users, improve patient care and enhance the conditions of people's lives.

Core Values

  • Committed to our customers and our communities.

  • Open to new ideas, two-way communication and challenging the status quo.

  • Relentless about continuously improving our quality, service, and results, and doing so with integrity.

Our Focus

Mediklin focuses on enabling better patient care and healthcare with outstanding quality, unceasing improvement, and value-added customer service. We look forward to moulding hygienic and sterile medical habits in India and some countries Internationally via the use of disposables.

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