About Us

Since 1994, we have had the foresight to see a future, where healthcare delivers on quality care and financial value.

Medilkin was formed with the purpose of researching and developing high-grade healthcare on learning about the spread of nosocomial infections, microorganisms, and viruses during hospitalization. We at Mediklin strived to master the field of healthcare and healthcare products and began educating the masses across India about disposable surgical products.

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We came into being the very first company to introduce clinically advanced surgical solutions in field of Disposable surgical drapes, gowns & apparels in the country.

Mediklin had a vision and expertise for serving its customers and providing healthcare products and creating awareness for the concept of Disposables Apparels across India.

The foundation of our future is constantly looking at waysto better the supply chain; which in turn helps in the reduction of total cost and supporting the quality of care.

Mediklin provides healthcare products with innovative solutions that makes the supply more efficient and effective. Mediklintakes active steps to educate hospitals and community-based organizations on the best application methods for infection & preventionand collaborates with its customers to achieve improved efficiency and overall cost savings.

Disposables For Indispensable Healthcare

We Move Healthcare Forward.

Working with the healthcare industry, Mediklin focuses on promoting improved health and healthcare needs by manufacturing highly qualitative disposable surgical products and supplies to healthcare provider’s exacting needs. We are able to deliver any unique specifications provided by customers, resulting in high customer satisfaction.


  • Pioneer manufacturing company of International quality of Disposable Drapes, Gowns & Apparels in India

  • 1st company of India to export disposable surgical apparel across the globe

  • Training Camps for Hospital nurses and technicians of the product benefits and "how-to" use the products

  • Working with partners internationally to achieve the best product mix and bringing the technology to India

  • Well-established integrators of quality management systems compliance with CE certification and ISO 13485 in India


  • To raise the bar of quality of Disposable goods for both the Indian and the International markets.

  • To manufacture superior quality products that are cost-effective for our customers.

  • To develop systems and solutions to sustain the above.

Our Strengths

Mediklin Healthcare Limited is a fast-evolving company that provides the finest range of Disposable Surgical Apparels.

We are soaring high owing to the following strengths:

Excellent Infrastructure
Diligent professionals
Safe & hygienic method of production
Customization facility
Quality products
Timely delivery


We also provide flexibility in the design and specification of these products to meet client requirements. Owing to these features, we have been able to establish a distinguished identity for ourselves in the Domestic as well as International Markets.

Our products are widely acknowledged for their features :

  • Lint Free & Non-Allergic

  • Liquid Repellence

  • Breathable, Resilience, Strength & Softness

  • Flame Retardant

  • Barrier Protection

Market for Disposable Products in India

Market for Disposables products in India is tremendously on the increase :

India is striving to achieve Hygienic conditions, yet the level of infection is very high. To curb and prevent infection, there is a need for disposable products.

The cost of reusable drapes and gowns is higher than disposable products. There are many supporting sites on the net which gives details reports that hospitals can save 38% to 54% by consuming disposable products.

There are many small nursing homes and hospitals compared to large hospitals wherein they do not have facilities for washing the reusable drapes and gowns. Also, the sterilisers of such nursing homes & hospitals are not equipped to kill all the bacteria of reusable drapes and gowns which can lead to the spread of nosocomial infections.

India is a highly populated country. Still more than 65% of population tussles to meet the basic hygienic standards. But there are many hospitals establishing in such areas where other facilities are difficult. Disposable products are safer to use and protect the patient and the medical staff. Large number of hospitals in India has begun to adopt the use of disposables.

Market for Disposable Products in International Market

The products like disposable drapes, packs & gowns are consumed by most of the hospitals across the globe.

India being economical in labour cost, makes it financially beneficial for countries across the globe to procure disposables from India.

Manufacturing units in India are now well-equipped to deliver International quality and standard disposable products.

Our Location

Head office located in Mumbai, Maharashtra while the manufacturing unit is located in Silvassa, Dadra Nagar & Haveli which is in close proximity to Mumbai.

Our Major Markets